Aimée Foreman, MBA


Silvermark’s founder is equal parts entrepreneur and advocate. Her commitment to redefine the continuum of care is backed by executive leadership in real estate development and management, entrepreneurship in the silver economy, and extensive experience in service delivery across the public, private and non-profit sectors. Inspired by her own relationships with grandparents, she took her business expertise, and passion for social advocacy, to aging care. She learned about the challenges from all perspectives - policymakers, providers, caregivers, families, and the older adults themselves.

She visited homes around the world, built a network with thought leaders, and developed an understanding of best practices that affect quality of life during the aging journey. Aimée is unafraid of what others say is too challenging or complex. She has formed a team of experts who share a heart for innovation and commitment to championing the needs and preferences of older adults. Her resolve is strong. Her purpose is clear. There is a better way. With gifts for visioning, convening and finding alignment, Aimée leads for impact.

Aimée Foreman

Core Team

Our team of silver economy experts collaborate with your organization for one goal – to help you redefine what’s possible in serving the needs of older adults.


Our team of preferred strategic partners that support us on various projects, lending their experience to further enhance the needs of older adults.

There's no reason for unanswered questions about the challenges you face in serving older adults.

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